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An Arizona Motorcycle Lawyer Shares 7 Tips For Motorcycle Safety

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Riding a motorcycle can be highly appealing. The freedom of the open road can be tough to ignore. But motorcycles are dangerous and demand care and respect. If you are cavalier or nonchalant about riding a motorcycle, you risk significant injury or even death.

Motorcycle accidents can result in severe and fatal injuries. While most motorcycle injuries occur in the lower extremities, many involve serious chest, neck, and head injuries. Common motorcycle injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Torso and pelvis trauma
  • Neck injuries
  • Road rash
  • Arm, feet, and leg injuries

If you have suffered a motorcycle accident or injury, you must contact a good motorcycle accident lawyer. Motorcycle accidents are complex and sometimes traumatic; let an experienced personal injury lawyer handle the stress of filing insurance claims and handling any other legal issues.

# 1. Make Sure You Choose The Right Motorcycle For You

Motorcycles vary in size, shape, speed, power, handling, etc. Not all motorcycles work for everyone. Beginners, for example, probably shouldn’t start with a sportbike. On the other hand, experienced riders can handle sportbikes with relative ease.

Regardless, it’s essential to know what size and speed work best for you when choosing a motorcycle. You must be comfortable on your motorcycle; otherwise, you are putting yourself in unnecessary danger. It is too large if you can’t place both feet on the ground while on your motorcycle. It also should be light enough that you can easily maneuver it without difficulty. You should also consider getting anti-lock brakes, which significantly lower your chances of getting into a serious accident.

# 2. Take A Motorcycle Safety Course

No one intuitively knows how to ride a motorcycle. If you’re a beginner and have little to no experience riding motorcycles, there is no shame in taking a safety course.  Even if you have experience but are out of practice, taking a safety course before getting back on the road can’t ever hurt.

Motorcycle dealerships or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation can provide safety courses for you. Completing a safety course may even earn you a discount on your motorcycle insurance.

# 3. Inspect Your Motorcycle Before Riding

Before revving your engines and hitting the open road, you must always inspect your motorcycle. Check the lights, horns, and signals to ensure proper working order. Also, check the chain, belt, and shaft. Lastly, ensure the tires aren’t overly worn and have the appropriate tire pressure. There is no need to take unnecessary risks when riding a motorcycle. Failing to inspect your bike is an unnecessary risk.

# 4. Check The Weather Conditions.

If you can, avoid riding your motorcycle in difficult, hazardous conditions like wind or rain. However, no matter how careful you are, the chances are that you will end up riding in dangerous conditions once in a while. Therefore, It’s important to know what you can handle.

It is true what they say about the first few minutes of a rainstorm; they are the most dangerous. Avoid riding in those first few minutes, if possible. Pull over and wait for the rain to pass. Rain reduces visibility. It also loosens your tire’s grip on the road.

If you have no choice but to ride in the wind or rain, avoid sudden maneuvers and quick turns. And be sure to take it easy on your brakes.

# 5. Dress In The Right Gear

If you have the right bike, inspect it before every ride, and make sure the conditions are just right, but fail to wear the proper gear, you are being reckless.

If you remember anything, always wear your helmet. Helmets save lives. If you ride without a helmet, the chance of suffering a fatal injury increases by 40%.

Make sure the helmet you wear provides eye protection as well. Choose one that has a visor. If your helmet doesn’t have a visor, get a good pair of goggles. It’s crucial to protect your eyes from the sun and debris. Failing to do so can lead to accidents and serious injuries.

#. 6 Be Smart

Everyone daydreams, especially while driving. But riding a motorcycle is different than driving a car. It requires a greater level of focus and attention to detail. You truly have to keep your mind on the road.

Although some people may disagree, you should drive defensively when on the back of a motorcycle. Do your best to avoid blind spots, be visible, and stay in the middle of the lane as often as possible.

Last but not least, NEVER ride a motorcycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. And check with a doctor before riding a motorcycle while taking prescription medicine. Motorcycles are dangerous, and riding under the influence is reckless and will put you and other drivers on the road at a heightened risk of severe or fatal injury.

# 7. Mandatory Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle safety is paramount. But no matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. It’s vital to have the right insurance. Dealing with physical injuries is hard enough; you don’t want to be on the hook financially as well, especially when insurance can prevent it from happening.

In Arizona, every motor vehicle operated on roads in the state must be covered by liability insurance through a company that is authorized to do business in Arizona. This includes golf carts, motorcycles, and mopeds. If you choose to ride without insurance, you are subject to fines and legal penalties, as well as the financial risk associated with any accidents.

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Motorcycle Safety can save your life. Accidents happen all the time, but taking the proper precautions can reduce your risk of accident and injury or mitigate the impact of any accident you are involved in.  If you suffer a motorcycle accident or injury, be sure to contact Wood Injury Law today. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will help you understand your options and fight for your rights. Our personal injury attorneys have significant experience with motorcycle claims and can ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Contact Wood Injury Law today at (623) 232-9355 or complete our online form.


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