Albuquerque And Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you the suing type?

Many folks out there in Arizona and New Mexico get injured and need help but they think “I’m not the suing type.” 

Not retaining an attorney when you’re in a bad accident or when you’ve been hurt due to someone else’s negligence is a mistake a lot of people make. Usually, people make this decision based on the following factors:

  • “My insurance rate will go up!” This is a bit of for-profit insurance-company intimidation. Don’t fall for it!
  • Folks don’t understand the accident process. 
  • Hiring an attorney is not morally correct.
  • Hiring an attorney is too expensive.

Understanding the real process behind filing a suit after a car accident can help you get the protection you need. Whether that’s getting money to pay for car damages or covering medical expenses. Maybe it’s just for peace of mind.

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