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4 Things to do after a car accident

1st. Call the Cops

First of course is to call the police. No matter how big or small the car accident may be, you always want to get a police presence there. The police will be able to gather information such as names, phone numbers, where the accident occurred, when it occurred, and all the other information that you may not even think of. Now, you might be able to get that information one-on-one, but it’s always better with the police officer. They act as great mediators between the parties.


2nd. Document Everything

Now second, make sure you document everything. All of us have these amazing phones always in our pocket. So whether it’s a flip phone or a smartphone, make sure you start snapping away. Photos are going to be your best friend. If you even think about it, turn on the video, record everything you can, whether it’s the intersection, the other person’s car, your vehicle. At the moment, you may think, “Hey, I’m going to remember everything.” But as day goes on, those recordings are going to help your case and also help you remember. 


3rd. Call A Doctor

Third, seek medical attention immediately following the accident. You may think you’re fine or that you can just shake it off or, “Hey, I’ve always had headaches or my back has always hurt.” But you need to see a doctor immediately. They can let you know; Are these new injuries? Are they aggravations of old injuries? They can get you right on the track to get sooner better.


4th. Call a personal injury attorney

Fourth, contact a personal injury attorney. Let me repeat that, a personal injury attorney. There are a lot of attorneys out there that want to add personal injury to their practice area. An immigration attorney wants to do personal injury. A business law attorney wants to do some personal injury. But at the end of the day, it’s important to hire somebody that focuses on personal injury. Hiring a personal injury attorney will get you right back on track. I know that navigating the post-accident path could be rough. So if you forget one of these steps, no biggie. Call the attorneys at Wood Injury Law today and we’ll get you right on the path you need to be.

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