Albuquerque And Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

Albuquerque and Mesa Personal Injury Lawyer

Wood Injury Law, PLLC, advocates for personal injury victims in Arizona and New Mexico.

Personal Injury Lawyer in New Mexico and Arizona

People who haven’t suffered a personal injury don’t realize how life-changing it can be. You might not be able to work, making it impossible to pay your bills. Additionally, you could have to undergo extensive, painful medical treatment, filling your days with one appointment after the next. While it can seem like your injury is in control, you can get some of your power back by filing a personal injury claim. Then, you can hold the person or people accountable for the injury and receive compensation to pay your obligations.

Josh Wood understands the impact of personal injuries on the victim and the families, having experienced it first-hand. Because of that, he’s built his career around helping others in similar situations. Contact our personal injury lawyer today to discuss your case.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Our personal injury lawyer handles a broad range of claims, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Airplane accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Workplace injuries
  • Wrongful death

How To Establish Fault In Personal Injury Cases

Your personal injury lawyer must establish fault before filing a claim. There are four components to establishing fault: duty, breach, causation, and damages.

First, you must show that the other party owed you a duty of care. For instance, a motorist has a duty of care to obey traffic laws. Second, you have to show that the motorist breached their duty. In this example, a motorist breaches their duty if he or she runs a red light. Third, you have to show causation, meaning that the defendant’s actions during the breach of duty caused the injury. Fourth, you have to prove damages. That means you must show that you sustained a loss due to the injury. The loss could be medical bills and lost wages, for example. Because proving each component is vital, it’s wise to consult with a personal injury lawyer before moving forward.

What If You Are Partially At Fault?

You might be hesitant to consult with a personal injury lawyer if you think you were partially responsible for the accident. For instance, if you were speeding when someone ran a red light and hit your car, you might think that you cannot recover any damages. However, both New Mexico and Arizona follow the doctrine of comparative negligence. Under this doctrine, you can still recover damages if you are up to 99% at fault. However, the amount of damages is reduced based on your percentage of responsibility.

Additionally, you might think you are responsible, but the other party may be 100% at fault in the eyes of the law. Discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer so he or she can determine fault and help you recover damages.

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Why Choose Wood Injury Law?

Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury Cases

Your personal injury lawyer must file a claim before the statute of limitations expires. If you were injured in Arizona, you have two years to file a claim. However, you have three years to file a claim if you’re in New Mexico. In both instances, the statute of limitations decreases if you’re filing a claim against a government entity. Consult with a personal injury lawyer to go over your filing deadline. Then, your attorney can collect evidence and file the paperwork to initiate the claim.

How Much Is Your Case Worth?

Various factors go into determining the value of a personal injury case. For instance, our personal injury lawyer will consider the cause of the accident, the extent of the injuries, and your long-term care needs. Additionally, your case could be valued at a higher rate if you cannot return to work. Because so many factors are involved, it’s important to discuss your situation with an attorney. Then, your attorney will investigate the claim, review the evidence, and value the case.

Practice Areas

- Car Accidents -

A car accident can be both physically and financially devastating. On the one hand, you might be dealing with severe, life-altering injuries. Then you could also be suffering from the financial ramification of expensive medical bills and lost wages. When you combine the two, you likely feel as if you’ve lost all power and control.

- Motorcycle Accidents -

While riding motorcycles is a lot of fun in New Mexico and Arizona, accidents can cause catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately, motorcycles provide little protection so that you can experience traumatic brain injuries, severe fractures, and other injuries. Sadly, it often takes a long time and lots of money to heal from the injuries.

- DUI Accident -

Numerous lawyers represent people charged with drunk driving, but our firm focuses on the victims. While drunk drivers often survive accidents, they leave their victims with devastating, sometimes fatal, injuries. Law enforcement will likely charge the driver with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The driver could…

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