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How Does Car Insurance Work in Arizona?

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If you’ve suffered an injury from an Arizona car crash, you’re going to need the services of a professional car accident lawyer. Yes, your auto insurance will provide some financial protection, but handling the claim yourself isn’t an advisable course of action. Also, most people aren’t very knowledgeable about the particulars of car insurance laws.

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Average Cost of Car Insurance in Arizona

According to, the average cost of full coverage car insurance in Arizona for 2021 is $1,547 per year, which equals around $129 each month. The price drops to about $555 annually for minimum coverage or about $46 per month.

For some perspective, the average cost in the US for car insurance is $1,674 per year for full coverage and $565 per year for minimum coverage.

Minimum Coverage Requirements

As a driver in Arizona, you need at least the minimum amount of insurance coverage on your vehicle, whether it’s a motorcycle, moped, or even a golf cart. The minimum liability coverage for Arizona drivers is 25/50/15:

  • $25,000–bodily injury, per person
  • $50,000–bodily injury, per accident
  • $15,000–property damage, per accident

Liability coverage protects you if you ever cause a car accident. While it won’t pay for your injuries or vehicle repair bills, it will pay for property damages and medical bills for the other driver.

Optional Coverage for Arizona Drivers

The minimum coverage requirement is just that: the minimum. That’s why many drivers opt for higher levels of coverage, which offer much better protection in the event of an accident. Nobody ever expects to be the at-fault driver, but it happens. Optional coverage for Arizona drivers includes:

Collision: Collision coverage protects your car if you’re ever in a collision with another object or vehicle.

Roadside Assistance: This type of coverage provides emergency assistance if your vehicle breaks down, such as jump starts, fixing flat tires, and towing.

Comprehensive: Comprehensive coverage provides protection against things like theft, hitting an animal, or damage from natural disasters.

Uninsured Motorist: If you’re ever in an accident with another driver who doesn’t have insurance, uninsured motorist coverage provides you with complete protection. While the other driver without insurance is still ultimately responsible for your bills, this coverage will pay your bills in the meantime if the other driver can’t.

Underinsured Motorist: If you’re ever in an accident with another driver who doesn’t have enough insurance, underinsured motorist coverage provides you with complete protection. Your underinsured motorist coverage will be available once you have exhausted the other driver’s insurance.

Medical Coverage: Medical coverage does just that: provide financial protection for medical bills and funeral costs for you and any passengers in your vehicle in the event of an accident.

Arizona Is a Pure Comparative At-Fault State

Arizona is a pure comparative at-fault state, meaning that if you get in an accident with someone, both drivers can seek compensation, even if one driver was more at fault. The percentage of responsibility you have in the accident directly affects the amount of financial compensation you’ll receive if you file a claim.

If you decide to file a claim after a car crash injury, you’ll need the services of a professional lawyer for car accident cases. They’ll need to have the skill and experience to handle your case successfully. While hiring a lawyer is no guarantee of a favorable outcome, it increases your chances considerably.

How Long Do You Have to File an Insurance Claim?

If you’ve been in a car accident in Arizona, it’s vital to hire a car accident lawyer as quickly as possible. The law in Arizona only gives you two years after your accident to file a claim for compensation from the other driver.

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