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Why Handling Your Own Personal Injury Case Might Not Be The Best Option:

Every so often, some of our new clients raise a common question: “Can I handle my case independently?”

You always have the ability to handle your own case, it’s your right. But, the more important question is, “Should you take on this case without professional assistance?” Let’s outline a few reasons why managing the case yourself might not always be the optimal choice.

Do you have experience with insurance companies or adjusters?

Let’s consider insurance companies and their adjusters. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes we fall into the believe that if we just talk to the insurance companies reasonably, they’ll be reasonable as well. However, it’s vital to bear in mind that insurance companies operate as profit-oriented entities. Whether you’re negotiating with the other driver’s insurer or your own, their primary focus tends to lean towards minimizing payouts rather than ensuring your well-being.

You’ll be dealing with adept and trained adjusters. Initially, they might appear pleasant and genuinely helpful, and this demeanor could persist. Yet, it’s important to recognize that their ultimate goal is to expedite your claim with minimal financial outlay.

Managing your own personal injury claim is time consuming

It’s important to recognize that managing such claims isn’t an everyday task. Chances are, this might be your first encounter with such an incident. Consequently, you might not be well-versed in your rights or the various options available to you. For instance, if you sustain injuries, are you aware that you can seek medical attention even in the absence of health insurance? This knowledge often eludes individuals, and insurance adjusters aren’t inclined to volunteer this information. They might offer you a nominal sum for treatment and allocate a fraction for your pain and suffering. Point is, you could inadvertently miss out on vital medical care and a more favorable settlement.

Do you know how much your case is worth?

Analyzing the value of your case is a complex endeavor. Even if you’ve been through a prior accident, the specifics of each case differ significantly. Estimating the true worth of your current case can be a challenge. While you might consult friends or attempt online calculators to arrive at an estimate, the actual value is likely to deviate substantially. If you place your trust in the adjuster, they could propose an offer that falls far below your case’s true value.

What you need to know:

Folks often find themselves involved in their cases on an emotional level. Evaluating the case with a clear head and setting aside personal sentiments can be an uphill struggle. Naturally, emotions can impede a comprehensive assessment of the situation. Navigating the aftermath of an accident is inherently complex. This is precisely why we advocate against tackling this journey alone. Instead, we recommend enlisting the expertise of a seasoned personal injury attorney. If you’re inclined to work with us, don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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