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Can I Fire My Attorney?

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“Can I fire my attorney?”



We want to talk about a common question our personal injury law firm gets.

We’ve often talked with a number of potential clients who seem to express, “Man, I wish I could hire a different attorney.” But for some reason, they’re under the impression that they can’t. So, to answer that simple question, “Can I fire my attorney?” Yes. You can fire your attorney.

When should you hire a new attorney?

So, when should you consider hiring a new attorney? One of the biggest complaints attorneys get is the lack of communication. We understand that this is probably something new to you, and you’re going to want guidance throughout the entire process. Another reason you may want to hire a new attorney is if the attorney is trying to settle your case too early or not giving you a proper explanation as to why they want to settle your case, or they’re not willing to go the distance to file the lawsuit to make sure you’re getting the full compensation you deserve. Well, regardless of your reasoning, you can always hire a new attorney. 

Understanding your attorney’s fee agreement:

Before hiring a new attorney, make sure you and this new attorney, review the fee agreement that you signed with the former attorney. Now, you more than likely signed just a contingency fee agreement. This means that that attorney won’t get paid until they win your case. They’ve also covered certain costs that have helped move your case along.

But, there’s probably also a clause in that fee agreement that will allow that attorney to file a lien for the work in which they’ve done on your case. This is why it’s important that you and your new attorney review that fee agreement, so you both understand the obligation to the former attorney. If you’re not getting the communication, the guidance, or you feel like that your current attorney is trying to push you in a direction, you don’t want to go, you can always fire them.

What Wood Injury Law Offers You:

Clear communication, straightforward agreements, and the maximum award possible. That’s what we offer all of our clients, regardless of their kind of personal injury case.

Josh Wood knows how life-altering a personal injury can be. It has the potential to prevent you from working, leaving you unable to makes ends meet—all while facing painful medical treatments and appointments. He’s committed his career to supporting those caught in this position so that they have access to justice through a personal injury claim against whoever was responsible for their distress. Get your power back and connect with our experienced lawyers today; we’re ready help investigate your case, hold liable parties accountable, and seek rightful compensation on both your and your family’s behalf.

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